All the vacuum metallizers are environmental protection products without any pollution to nature and sooner or later will replace traditional galvanization industries.
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Vacuum web coater

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Vacuum web coater
Evaporation web coaters are mainly used to deposit metal film or dielectric film on plastic or polyester or polymer substrate films, and so on like winding flexible materials, extensively used in the industries of printing, packing material, hot stamping foil, golden and silver thread, laser counterfeit films and other functional films.
TS-JRW series wire-feeding evaporation web coaters adopts consecutive wire-feeding evaporation deposit technology or MF induction melting pots evaporation technology to realize mass production with advantages of high coating quality, high efficiency and full automation, etc. Equipped with powerful vacuum pump group and Poly-cold system, the machines insure efficient operation. Specially designed rewinding system coupled with AC frequency control system and imported tensile detecting device, with reasonable roller cooling structure enabling the film leveling in rewinding running without deviation, the web coaters can easily and stably realize operation speed 400M/min. By use of the technology of MF induction melting pots as its evaporation source, it can effectively solve the coating problems of pinholes and the coating quality gets further improved. With advanced IPC control system, patent OA2000 software invented by our own company and color screen display as operation interface by whole process automation, available for extensive application in production of flexible film, sticking film, laser counterfeit films, color or optical films, conductive cloth or fabric, ITO transparent conductive film, transparent high resistance film, etc.
The web coaters can be flexibly or selectively equipped for different coating purposes with ionic bombardment clearing system, linear ion source, powerful E-beam gun, sputtering power source and cathodes and PECVD device, etc in order to strengthen its functions.
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