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CSP & Solar heat collection plant

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CSP & Solar heat collection plant

CSP&Solar heat collection plant

High reflection chemical silver mirror production line

Parabolic trough solar power system known as parabolic mirror solar power generation system, they are a few parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors through series-parallel arrangement. Then, it heats the fluid to produce steam to drive turbine and generates electricity. Solar reflector is a key component for power generation system. It¡¯s fixed on the ground; it not only can resist the erosion of wind and rain damage effectively, and require a high light reflectivity.
Tecsun vacuum silver glass mirror coating production line uses chemical spray silver film or copper film on the glass surface, then flow a layer or second layer. The glass is sent to the upper side of production line. After cleaning, silver coating, copper coating, flowing, heating and then flowing again, cleaning, spraying .Finally, it will be finished a complete test, the silver mirror products can be packaged from the outlet of production line.
* Dimension of glass substrates can be designed according to clients¡¯ need.
* Meet parabolic deposition requirements.
* Speed of silver coating:2-3.5M/min.
* Oven with quartz infrared heating tube.
* Entire production line speed is driven by frequency control motor, its speed is adjusted by the color display.

Heat-collecting tube coating system

1. The low-temperature solar water heater collector tube coating system
The glass vacuum solar collectors tube consists of two concentric glass from the inside and outside with a high absorption rate and low emission, including the outer surface of heat-absorbing pipe by selective absorption of wax deposition, the working principle is that it exposures to the surface of inner glass tube which forms heat-absorbing body, it is converted to heat and then heated fluid inside the glass tube. For the layers are in the vacuum condition, they are effectively reducing the heat loss to the surrounding environment; heat collection efficiency can be improved.
We provide a high vacuum magnetron sputtering coating machine; it is mainly used for the producing solar vacuum tube collector which is precise solar selective absorbing film. The device uses advanced touch screen and PLC automatic control technology; users can man-machine dialogue that is convenient to prepare a variety of production processes, achieving high-precision coating. Also, it can change target and substrate fixture in a variety of substrate surface for coating metal film, alloy film and metal compound film. This equipment has a very wide scope of use.
We provide a variety of models and continuous coating equipments for the clients.
2. High temperature solar collector tube coating system.

Flat high temperature coating system

Flat solar collector is utilization of light and heat direction in the future. Tecsun Vacuum is committed to flat solar collector coating system development; we have successfully developed a roll to roll coating of flat collector continuous production line. Magnetron sputtering obtains multi-layer through optical interference effects to obtain selective absorbing coating with significant solar spectrum selectivity.
1. Roll to roll ways to realize mass production
2. Rotation and planar cathode, it is flexible to replace according to technology.
3 DC and MF sputtering power for rapid and steady deposition
4. Well gas isolation device to guarantee coating steady and repeat.
5. Automatic control system, easy operation and coating steady
6. Easy operation and maintenance.

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