All the vacuum metallizers are environmental protection products without any pollution to nature and sooner or later will replace traditional galvanization industries.
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Unique technical skills for solar cell manufacturing

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Unique technical skills for solar cell manufacturing



Manufacturing solar polycrystalline silicon with low cost and pollution is ideal for future polycrystalline silicon purification equipment. China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co. is devoted to the development and application of electron gun for many years and we have been developed TSGB series of high-voltage electron gun, used in polycrystalline silicon purification system.

EB gun series£ºTS-20GB¡¢TS-40GB¡¢TS-60GB¡¢TS-120GB¡¢TS-250GB¡¢TS-400GB¡¢TS-600GB¡¢TS-800GB¡¢TS-1200GB


1. Reliable industrial design for all components

2. Long cathode service life

3. Ease of maintenance

4. High industrial safety standards

5. Well training programs and after sales service.

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