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U.S. Department of Energy to provide $ 1.47 billion to support the development of PV projects

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U.S. Department of Energy to provide $ 1.47 billion to support the development of PV projects



September 28, the U.S. Department of Energy announced that its financial loans totaling $ 1.47 billion to support the development of PV projects. According to the Department of Energy funding expires two days.

Department of Energy will provide 110MW of photovoltaic concentrator of California, Santa Monica Solar Reserve crescent dunes PV project (Crescent, Dunes Solar Energy Project) to provide a loan of $ 3,700,000, as well as California, San Diego, Sempra 150MW DC Mesquite photovoltaic project a $ 3.7 million loan.

"If we want to become a clean energy leader, we must continue to strengthen investment in clean energy technologies to ensure that clean energy and renewable energy such as photovoltaic, commercial-scale installation." U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu said. Solar power generation system, such as crescent dunes project can help local power, and the ability to bring hundreds of clean energy jobs for the United States. "

Meanwhile, in the September 28, SolarReserve said, in Spain, the ACS Cobra and Banco Santander's help, it has completed the project financing of the crescent dunes.

Solar tower design of the crescent dunes project (the Crescent Dunes,), will use molten salt as the main heat conduction and storage media. Molten salt as the storage medium or dark clouds overhead the sun goes down you can still achieve 10 hours of power supply.

Another molten salt concentrator photovoltaic project the Gemasolar announced on July 4, 2011 is the world's first utility-scale projects, can provide 24 hours uninterrupted power.

Crescent dunes project be built in Tonopah, Nevada, USA. U.S. Department of Energy pointed out that, in Mesquite, PV project, a project will become the first U.S. project of the output transformer and liquid-cooled transformer technology. The technology can also improve energy output, lower operating costs and improve reliability.

The project will be built in the U.S. state of Arizona, Maricopa County, to produce electricity will be sold to California Pacific Electric Company (Pacific Gas and Electric Company). The power supply agreement for 20 years.

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