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Thermal technology of Zhonghai Yanguang became the sparkle in Solar Energy Exhibition

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Thermal technology of Zhonghai Yanguang became the sparkle in Solar Energy Exhibition
The three-day Chengdu Solar Energy Exhibition opened in Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 27, this exhibition attracted a total of more than 100 exhibiting companies at home and abroad. As domestic solar thermal power generation industry leaders, the Haiyang exhibited trough tower concentrating thermal power plants, sand table and Chengdu solar thermal base sandbox has become the focus of this exhibition.
It is said that it is the first start domestic solar thermal power generation industry of light and heat equipment production base in Haiyang Chengdu Chande. The total investment of solar thermal base is 2 billion yuan. After the completion of a project, the trough and tower light thermal power condenser production line will be formally put into production.

The principle of solar thermal power generation and conventional fossil fuels is the same in thermal power generation and power quality is excellent, it can be a direct barrier-free grid. At the same time, the use of molten salt thermal storage technology, solar thermal power plant in the case of the sun and the night continued to generate electricity and to maintain the stability of the power generation, this technology makes solar thermal power generation alternative to the thermal power than any other clean energy.
It is said that solar thermal power generation target in the12th Five-Year Plan for installed capacity of 1 million kilowatts in 2015. Recently, Gansu,Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, each of them has the approval of a 50MW solarthermal power plant construction project. This means that domestic solar thermal power market will be officially launched; solar thermal power equipment will also be the future trends.

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