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China becomes the largest market at low cost in photovoltaic industry until 2015

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China becomes the largest market at low cost in photovoltaic industry until 2015



On September 28, news from solar photovoltaic Beijing time said that Suntech CEO Zhengrong Shi, the Chairman of the Board said that at least half of the country will achieve grid parity in the world in 2015 while China will become the world's largest photovoltaic applications on Wednesday.

Dr. Shi said that the difficulties faced by the PV industry will improve in next two years, after the bottoming out of the solar energy prices; the market demand for solar energy will begin to recover. He also predicted that at least half of the countries in the world can achieve grid parity by 2015.

Some analysts said that the power generation costs of PV systems is still high in most markets solar power costs are almost four times that of traditional energy. Improve the photovoltaic cell conversion efficiency; sustained reductions in PV prices will give solar energy cost competitive continuous improvement.

Zhengrong Shi said China will also benefit and is expected to continue to lower the price of photovoltaic products in 2015; China will surpass Germany as the world's largest PV application market.

Some analysts said that parts of solar electricity in Germany and Italy have parity, mainly due to falling prices of photovoltaic products.

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