All the vacuum metallizers are environmental protection products without any pollution to nature and sooner or later will replace traditional galvanization industries.
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CSP technology Introduction

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CSP technology Introduction
Concentrated Solar Power referred to as CSP£¬it relies on a variety of reflector which gathers DNI and heats transfer medium in the collector pipe. Steam will be produced by heat exchange, steam promotes turbine power generation.
The principle of CSP is the same with conventional fossil fuels in thermal power generation; its quality is excellent which can be a direct barrier-free grid. At the same time, it can store energy, adjust peak and continue to general power. The most important is that CSP in thermal power generation sector, CSP is more suitable for the construction of large power project to achieve rapid decline in costs through economies of scale.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts global CSP total installed capacity will reach 24.5GW in 2015, five-year compound growth rate of 90%, the tariff is expected to fall to 10 cents / kWh in 2020.
Chinese government pays much attention on domestic solar thermal development in recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the adjustment of industrial structure directory ¡°in May of this year, it promotes solar thermal power to the first development of new energy categories.
For solar thermal power generation applications, Tecsun vacuum introduced a mature highly reflective mirror coating production line, tube vacuum coating equipment and other special equipments.

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