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 Title Model XF-2000 VIP production line
 Product specifications:

Technical data and functions:

  Model XF-2000 vacuum sealing production line for VIP

  Application range:

  Applicable to the surface sealing of glass fiber and aluminum foil bag or other planar material.

  Main technical parameters:
  1), Maximum vacuum pressure of the main vacuum chambers (unloading, under cold condition): 5103Pa;
  2), Work-piece moving speed: adjustable by transducer;
  3), Total power: about 220KW,
  4), Regular max. size of work-piece: Length X Width X Height = 1650mm 1500mm 60mm ( unsealing state under atmosphere, thickness with double layers 30MM/layer);
  5), Batch operation cycle: >=10 to 15pieces per minute (specification 60040060mm thickness with double layers 30MM/layer);
  6), Sealing quality: Sealing surface leveling.
  7), Complete length of the production line: Length X Width X Height = 65M X 5M X 2M (including feed-in and feed-out rack).
  8), Optional mode of the production line has both manual and automatic modes. Under automatic mode the production line is able to perform automatically feed-in, chamber closing, vacuum evacuation, transmission driving, vacuum sealing and feed-out. Operation staff just doing as put on the work-pieces and collect finished VIP panel at both ends of the production is ok. This production saves much labor force and consumable material with high productivity.

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